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St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom? Adding some holiday flair to your lessons is a great way to excite your students about their work and add some variety to your day! St. Patrick’s Day is already such a silly and mischievous holiday, it doesn’t take much to excite younger students for this one. Check out my favorite ways to sprinkle a little magic into your lessons with these super simple St. Patrick’s Day activities!

These super fun and engaging St. Patrick's Day printables and activities are a perfect way to integrate St. Patrick's Day into your learning this March.

Start With Read Alouds

I always love to start any new lesson or thematic unit with a few good read alouds.

I find that this is a great way to get my kids excited about what is to come and bring the whole lesson full circle.

One of my favorite books for St. Patrick’s Day is The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School by Laura Murray. You may have seen other books in the “Gingerbread Man is Loose” series.

These stories typically detail children on the hunt for a tricky Gingerbread Man in different places. This particular story is always a bit big hit for St. Patrick’s Day since the children are thinking of ways to catch their very own leprechaun.

Another great book to read aloud with your students is How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton. This is a super silly story detailing leprechaun shenanigans. My students always love this one and it’s a great way to set the stage for other lessons.

In addition to read alouds, I like to add some books to our classroom library that I put on our “Featured Books” shelf. Here are more great St. Patrick’s Day books your students will love.

Grab Some St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Now that you have introduced the holiday and got your students excited about this fun holiday, it’s a great time to jump into some activities. I love doing some writing activities as a follow-up to my read-aloud books. The kids are usually in a pretty creative mood after hearing those silly stories and ready to write their own!

Take advantage of their enthusiasm and check out this set of low-prep, St. Patrick’s Day printables to engage your students. This set includes writing activities like “How to Catch a Leprechaun” and “If I Found a Pot of Gold”. These are GREAT activities to follow read alouds and really drive the lesson home.

Having some simple and fun activities you can easily pull out at a moment’s notice is so important when teaching young learners. In this set, you will find tons of resources you can weave into your lessons with minimal prep and effort. In addition to the writing activities, you will also find St. Patrick’s Day crowns, vocabulary word-wall cards, games, a scavenger hunt, and more! This resource has everything you need to round out your holiday-themed lessons.

Add Some Digital Activities

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that using technology in the classroom can provide for some highly engaging lessons. Using digital activities is a super simple, no-prep option for center time and the kids always love it. Lucky for you, I have 3 digital center resources to add to your lessons!

Simply assign the activities and your students can open the digital center, follow the directions, and record answers on their digital recording sheet. No more activity pieces to print, laminate, cut, and keep track of! Check out some of my favorites with a St. Patrick’s Day flair.

St. Patrick’s day ela centers for seesaw

My March Digital ELA Centers resource comes complete with 10 SeeSaw preloaded ELA centers that are perfect for practicing sight words, CVC words, rhyming, ABC order, and more! These centers also include sound to promote independence!

march math centers

March Digital Math Centers will have you covered for practicing kindergarten math skills in a fun new way! This set includes 10, SeeSaw preloaded centers that cover addition to 10, skip counting by 10’s, making sets, using tally marks, and more. Your kindergarten students will love practicing key math skills with these interactive centers.

digital pattern blocks for st. patrick’s day building

And finally, St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Blocks will let your students try their hand at creating digital versions of pattern block designs. This resource comes with 6, St. Patrick’s Day themed designs that require no prep or printing! This is a fun twist on an activity the children are familiar with and requires no extra manipulatives or center mats.

Children LOVE using technology and it’s a great way to get some extra practice in on key concepts without any student protesting. I love including these activities in my St. Patrick’s Day lessons for some easy and engaging skills practice that I know my kiddos will love!

Don’t Forget HANDS-ON Learning

Since I teach littles, I always like to make sure I am including activities that provide opportunities for hands-on learning as well. There are SO many simple ways to incorporate fine motor practice and hands-on learning in the classroom. Some of my favorite, EASY activities include:

Build words with green playdough

This one is always a huge classroom hit! To make this activity even more “magical”, mix some gold glitter into your green playdough before you begin! You can use the vocabulary cards in my St. Patrick’s Day Printables set or use sight words. Students can work on rolling the dough to form letters and build words. Super simple, and highly engaging for young learners!

Practice math skills with green pom-poms or “gold coins”

Both of these items are easily found at your local dollar store this time of year and make GREAT math manipulatives. I love using this activity as a small group lesson to assess where my students are at. Provide each student a set of manipulatives and write an equation to solve on a dry-erase board. Then, ask students to illustrate the equation with their manipulatives. Erase and repeat!

Make pattern necklaces

Sometimes kiddos just need a brain break. Using a simple activity like making necklaces gives students a short pause from the lessons and allows for some fine motor work. I use green, gold, and white beads for this activity and ask the students to make a pattern. Typically, I see beads at the dollar store, but don’t forget to check your art supply closet! I always find things I forgot about in mine! You can also use the fruit circle cereal and make a rainbow pattern. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day too. If your classroom feels a little wild and you need a moment to reign everyone back in. Making necklaces can be very calming in a chaotic classroom.

St. Patrick’s Day CVC Game FREEBIE!

As a special thank you for being a reader, I would LOVE to give you a simple and fun game to add to your holiday lessons. Simply enter your info below and my favorite St. Patrick’s Day CVC game will be sent straight to your inbox!

This sample from my St. Patrick’s Day activity pack is perfect for small groups and centers! This is a great way to get a sneak peek at my complete, St. Patrick’s Day Printables pack and add a little holiday magic to your lessons! Enjoy, friends!

Save THESE st. patrick’s day activities!

Don’t forget to pin this post to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you have all my favorite St. Patrick’s Day ideas right at your fingertips! Have fun learning with your students!

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