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President’s Day Activities

I love teaching young children about U.S. History. History is our window to the past and can be truly captivating when taught with engaging activities. However, conveying the importance of holidays like President’s Day to young learners can sometimes be a little tricky! Today I am bringing you my favorite President’s Day activities to engage your students! Check out these no-prep ideas to bring exciting history lessons to your classroom!

Introduce President’s Day

I love to start any new lesson off with a read-aloud. As with any new concept or idea, it’s a great way to connect with your students and help them begin to understand the topic. The book President’s Day by Anne Rockwell is my favorite read-aloud for introducing this holiday to my students. This book provides an explanation of President’s Day in an easy-to-understand way, making this perfect for Pre-K through 2nd grade students.

National Geographic also makes some fantastic books about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. These are great for a deeper dive look at each of these leaders and how they have helped shape our country. These books are especially great because they have full-color pictures to keep young learners intrigued!

Ottos Tale a picture book about President's Day

In addition to read alouds, I like to add some books to our classroom library that I put on our “Featured Books” shelf. Here are more great President’s Day books for our young students.

Reading Activities

Once your students have a basic understanding of what President’s Day is and why we celebrate it, it’s time to dive into some lessons!

American Monuments reader

I love to start with a mini-reader as a whole group activity. I will typically prepare a set of these American Monument Readers for my students and work together as a class reading through the book.

This simple reader is perfect for students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and covers basic information on U.S. National Monuments.

Students will learn about Mt. Rushmore, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, and the Washington Monument.

I love this activity because it provides a great overview of these structures, but in a very simple format.

As a bonus, this set also includes a digital version for your virtual learners!

Finish off this activity by using one of the 3 comprehension quizzes included for checking your students’ knowledge!

american symbols reader

This is also the perfect time of year to dive into American symbols. Similar to the American Monuments reader, this emergent reader focuses on American symbols like our flag, the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and more!

As a special thank you for being a reader, I would love for you to have this reader to use with your students. Enter your information below to receive a special mini reader all about our American Symbols.

Crafting for President’s day

Everybody loves a good craft, right? I know I do! Crafting is a great way to engage young learners while teaching important skills. Not only can you focus on a particular subject, but your students will also get lots of practice with fine motor skills, following directions, and using school supplies independently.

I have created mini-units for many of our U.S. presidents. Each mini-unit includes a reader about the president, some no prep activities to help students assimilate what they have learned and an adorable craft. These mini-units are available for Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden!

I have also included some digital google slides activities in each unit! This allows you to provide opportunities to integrate technology without needing to plan another lesson. These no-prep packets are the perfect addition to learn more in-depth about some of our U.S. Presidents and round out your lessons!

President’s Day made easy!

You can find ALL of these mini-units along with the American Monument Reader in my President’s Day MEGA Bundle! This bundle comes with everything you need to comprehensively teach your K-2nd grade students all about President’s Day the easy way! As a bonus, you also get access to any future units that are added for free.

Grab these fun and easy-to-prep President’s Day activities so you can have your President’s Day and USA units well on their way to being planned.

This American monuments activity includes both a print and digital option to help your students learn all about American monuments as you work on your President's Day activities this year.
These President's Day activities have everything you need to celebrate President's Day with your students this year. From craftivities to writing activities, this bundle has it all!

Don’t forget to save these ideas for later!

Don’t forget to save these ideas on your favorite classroom Pinterest board, so you will be all set to celebrate President’s Day with your students.

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