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Morning Meetings in Grades K-2

I am a big fan of having morning meetings every day in my classroom. During morning meeting, students and teachers gather together to start their day. These morning meetings are a great way to start your class off in a positive way!

Unfortunately, there were times in my classroom where I did not value this portion of our day as much as I should have. Looking back–it SHOWS! I viewed morning meeting as an ‘extra’ or something fun that could be skipped if we were short on time. WOW was I wrong!! Today, I’m sharing with you all of the benefits I’ve seen from implementing morning meetings in my classroom as well as fun activities to include! 

Oh, and there just may be a freebie in it for you, too 😉

Benefits of a Morning Meeting

Oftentimes, students enter your classroom after a chaotic morning. Maybe the bus was late or someone overslept. Maybe they fought with a sibling that morning. Or maybe they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, as we all do at times! #guilty


Morning meetings help your students ease into their day, knowing what to expect from your classroom routine. This consistency can provide peace and a feeling of safety and comfort for a student who just navigated an inconsistent morning.

Skills review/warm up

Morning meetings also allow you to review a variety of skills. You can spiral review math facts, phonics patterns, or any other standards you are covering that semester. This is a great way to give your students a chance to be successful before the day even gets going!

Classroom community

Finally, morning meetings build classroom community. Morning meeting is a great opportunity to do something silly, like tell a joke or get up and moving with a fun chant or song. They also incorporate a partner/group/class activity, and include a share time where we get to know each other better. Your students will look forward to this fun time each day, making your class feel more like a family and creating a sense of belonging for each student.

Paperless Morning Meetings

With all of the uncertainty of the past year, I highly recommend making your morning meetings digital! Paperless morning meetings are no prep, and ready to go with a single click. That takes a lot of prep work and stress off of your plate! Additionally, if your teaching situation changes suddenly, a paperless morning meeting presentation is the same virtually, in person, or in a hybrid model! That consistency is great for any learners who struggle with having to learn in different environments throughout the year.

Morning Meeting components

I like to keep each day of morning meeting the same (see consistency from above 😉)so I use paperless morning meetings and project them on my classroom screen. This keeps it simple for both me and the students! #winwin

digital morning meetings

Morning MEssage

Each day as students come in, the first slide is projected that has a greeting, the date, and directions for what to do that morning as my students enter the room. There is also a timer on the slide so students have a visual of how much time is left before we clean up and gather to start our day. The timers change from yellow, to orange, and then red for the last 3 minutes. This visual helps immensely with our morning starting off on the right foot–there are no surprises for students as they know exactly when our day will begin, while allowing me to take care of important morning tasks.

Joke of the Day

I also add a Joke of the Day to each morning meeting slide. After we gather on the carpet for morning meeting, we take any guesses for the joke and then finally reveal the answer. These jokes are a fun way to start our day and also encourage vocabulary, figurative language, and logical, and critical thinking skills in students.

Greeting, Activity, Share

paperless morning meeting

Slide 2 includes our morning meeting greeting which is a fun way for the students and I to greet each other. There is then one daily activity or game, which are a mix of whole class, group, and partner activities. These activities are always a student favorite!

We end our meeting with a daily share prompt. Students turn to their partner and discuss the share prompt. This is a great time to work on speaking and listening skills as we make sure we answer in complete sentences and elaborate on our answers (1 word or yes/no is never enough). All partners share as I listen in, and then I usually pick a few students to come up to the front and share whole class. I LOVE this time as I get to know my students on a more personal level each day!

Want to try morning meetings?

Want to get started with morning meetings? You can try one week of my paperless morning meetings for FREE by signing entering your email below!

Or, check out my year-long bundle of monthly pre-planned Morning Meeting slides. I know the last thing you need is yet ANOTHER thing to plan for 😬 so this bundle gives you the exact slides I use with my own students in both a preplanned (NO PREP!) ready to use form! It also includes an editable version if you wish to customize and make them your own. The slides and format are already done for you, so this bundle is low-prep and ready to use! Make morning meetings effortless!

Do you do morning meetings with your students already? What do you include? Share with me in the comments!

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