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100th Day of School Activities

Finally reaching the 100th Day of School is SO exciting! I love the planning and build-up that happens all year in preparation as the children practice counting up to 100! Once the day has finally arrived, I like to make sure I do some extra special activities with my classroom to celebrate. Today, I’m sharing my favorite 100th Day of School activities to help you celebrate with your littles!

What is the 100th Day of School?

If you aren’t already familiar, the 100th Day of School is a celebration for reaching 100 days of instruction.

It’s especially popular for early childhood and early elementary teachers, as it can help place meaningful value on the number 100.

It can sometimes be hard to explain a number of that size to young children, so celebrating the 100th Day of School makes it a bit easier to grasp. Many classrooms use a daily counting chart, tally tracker, or a counting jar to keep track of the days and then throw a classroom party when they reach 100. 

I personally LOVE to include some specialized curriculum on this day! This adds such a fun flair to the long winters in the classroom and gives your students something to look forward to. Besides, who doesn’t need one more reason to celebrate? Not to mention, this is SO valuable in truly helping your students grasp the concept of 100! It’s a total win-win in my book!

Kick Off the 100th Day

a collection of 100

Since the 100th Day of School is meant to feel a bit like a party, I like to make sure the activities I select are EXTRA fun.

Some years I have asked children to bring in a jar, bag, or box of any small item of their choosing in the quantity of 100.

This is a fun family project, as the children can choose their special item and then practice counting out to 100.

Some great starter ideas are cereal, pennies, chocolate chips, legos, cotton balls, rubber bands, or paperclips. Really anything small will work so feel free to encourage families to use whatever they have on hand!

I like to start out the day by having each child present their item to the class and then place them all on a table for the kids to compare. It’s so much fun to see different collections of 100! 

dressing like your 100-year-old self

dressing like your 100 year old self is ag reat way to set the stage for the 100th day of school

Another fun idea is to have your students dress as though they were 100 years old!

This is HILARIOUS for classroom pictures! Kiddos will often walk around all crouched over and get a kick out of each other’s costumes.

You can share some ideas with the parents, like using baby powder to whiten hair or grabbing some inexpensive clothes from Goodwill or a thrift store. Some simple props like a walker or cane are great additions to a 100 year old costume.

If you don’t want to ask the whole class to dress up consider dressing up yourself! It’s even better if you opt for the complete surprise of just showing up to school as your 100-year-old self!

Lessons for the 100th day

Now that your class is in a festive mood, you are ready to take a deep dive into the 100th Day of School in your lessons!

Luckily for you, I have the most perfect set of  NO-PREP resources for this super fun day! My 100th Day of School Activities packet is perfect for both Kindergarten and 1st Grade!

These print and go NO PREP activities will help you and your students celebrate the 100th day of school with fun and engaging activities your students will love - - just one of many 100th day of school activities your students will love.

This resource comes complete with over 45 pages of hands-on STEM activities, writing prompts, counting activities, and more! 

100th Day writing

I love to start out the day with some fun writing prompts to get the kids excited about our activities. In this resource, I have included 4 super silly writing prompts that are sure to make your kiddos smile.

My personal favorite asks the children to consider what they would do with 100 dollars. It’s always hilarious to hear their ideas of what $100 will buy! This is great to display as a bulletin board after you complete the activity as well!

100th day math

Next up, you will find some great activities for counting by 10’s including coloring sheets and puzzles. They are perfect transition activities, morning work, or seat work for this special day.

This fun and silly monster is a great creative way to get your students excited to celebrate the one hundredth day of school - just one of many 100th day of school activities your students will love.

There’s also a 100th Day Monster Activity where children will draw body parts on their monster in sets of 10. These are so fun and always turn out unique to each child. 

100th day movement activities

Next, get your kiddos up and moving with some fun challenge pages to test their fitness. This is great when your kids need to get some wiggles out before jumping into the next activity.

100th day stem

After this, I like to have my students work on the 100th Day STEM cards. Print these out ahead of time, laminate for durability if desired, and let your students get to work!

These STEM challenges all use standard classroom items most teachers have on hand and focus on building in sets of 10 and 100. 

Keep the Fun Going!

Included in this resource, you will find so much more to include in your day if you have the time! If you are looking for a classroom recipe, I put together a super fun trail mix project that will fit the bill!

This activity comes with a parent letter requesting donations and a special mat for counting by 10’s. I LOVE this activity and the kids always enjoy any project with snacks! Classroom “cooking” activities really help foster a sense of community as well.  

Use these fun color by code printables for your students to color - just one of many 100th day of school activities your students will love.

Keeping in theme with that sense of classroom community, I have also included a wonderful bulletin board display focused on 100 acts of kindness.

This is a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm ideas as a class and even among multiple classrooms if you are looking for a collaboration! I have even included a bulletin board header for you to finish off this project. 

There are also graphing and counting worksheets, color by code, a special poem, and 100th Day Crowns! Pick and choose what works best for your students to craft the perfect 100th Day of School celebration!

Wrapping Up the 100th Day of School

To finish off your 100th Day festivities, don’t forget to award your littles their very own certificate to celebrate being 100 days smarter!

I have included a template that you can print on colored paper or print on white paper and let your students color as the perfect closing activity for the day.

As a special treat, you can download a free sample of my complete 100th Day resource, complete with this certificate! 

Get your 100th day of school planned!

I hope you’re as excited as I am to celebrate the 100th Day of School! From creating a classroom community to getting tons of counting practice in, the reasons for including this celebration are endless.

Add a little sparkle to your year and check out my 100th Day of School Activities packet to make planning a breeze! This no-prep pack has EVERYTHING you need for a fun-filled day!

Save these Ideas for Later

Don’t forget to save these ideas to your favorite classroom Pinterest board for when you’re ready to celebrate the 100th Day of School!

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